August 22, 2011 | Posted by: Peter

Hi folks!

To those of you who found their ways here, whether it was by random instance or by a reference link, welcome to the process blog for Perfume & Primer Caps, a comic written by Lucky Trinh and illustrated by Peter N. Trinh (me). Here, you’ll find development and pre-production stuff on our graphic novel series.

I assume that I’ll be the only moderator of this blog, but my brother Lucky may send me some things that I can post based on what we want to share.

We made a conscious decision to make PPC a print-only publication. As such, the only completed pages you’ll see on this blog will be our preview version of Chapter 2, which we’ll post one page a week until the chapter ends. Everything else that will be posted will be character concepts, sketches and mid-process samples of future pages, as well as any other elements related to the comic.

In any case stay tuned for more updates—the next one should be happening within the next week—and I hope you enjoy your time here reading about our homage to the action-adventure genre!

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