» Convention!

August 4, 2015 | Posted by: Lucky

I know, it’s a pretty lousy update blog if it’s literally been over two months since the last update, but we’ll make up for it. It’s just been busy at Fancy Tuna. Peter’s been on the wrong side of tired with long hours at the office, Brit’s in full swing with her new position and things have been crazy stupid with where I’m working lately. The plus side is that all this time at work has provided Peter and I a new appreciation for Cons and the respite they offer, despite the hard work that goes behind them.

This last ConBravo that took place a couple of weeks ago is a fine example. As always, ConBravo was a success. Peter and I worked hard everyday. We monitored our station, mingled with the fans and sold books like madmen. Even though it was hard work, we loved every minute of it. It took me a few days after it was all over to realize why. As much as Peter, Brit and myself enjoy our day jobs, we genuinely love building Fancy Tuna. We enjoy creating something that is all ours and giving it away as a gift (at set prices for our merchandise, some of which can found in our store). No matter the sibling rivalries between the creators of PPC or the creative differences between the dynamic duo behind Maddy McGee, or the age and cultural differences between all three of the founding members of Fancy Tuna Comics, we all have one defining trait in common; We all thrive on being able to create. Our combined talents, perception and desire to make something out of nothing bring us together and create a team almost as powerful as the Avengers… Okay maybe not quite, but we all live in a mansion in Queens just like them (that’s a lie too).

Fancy Tuna has made it a point to attend more conventions in 2016. We plan on making a triumphant return to Fan Expo come August 2016, we’re also applying to MagFest, Anime North, TCAF and Toronto Wizard Comic Con and as always, our home convention, ConBravo. I know we’ve said this in the past, but seeing how much we enjoy the cons, it’s a sure bet we’ll be appearing at more than one con come 2016. Besides, the more we attend, the more likely we’ll pull The elusive Brit Baker out into the wild… (She’s also a regular con-goer at Comic Con Prime in San Diego, so it’s hard to get her to wake up post prime)

Until next time and hopefully it’ll be a lot shorter than two months until our next update!

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» Free!

May 5, 2015 | Posted by: Lucky

Saturday was free comic book day all across North America. Originally a publicity stunt to get a broader audience back into comic shops on the opening weekend of Sony Picture’s 2001 Spiderman feature film, this tradition has grown to be an expected event once a year with the perennial return of comic book movies during the advent of Summer Blockbuster season. This year’s Free Comic Book Day was brought to us by Avengers: Age of Ultron, in theaters now. Comic book shops usually convince some local artists and writers to attend a signing session, unload promotional books given to them by distributors and place heavy discounts on overstocked back issues or lingering paperbacks. I was able to pick up the Fables Happily Ever After trade paperback for less than $18 CAD after taxes.

After a lunch in a very nostalgic looking Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers restaurant on Saturday, Peter and I hopped in the ol’ PPC mobile (My Buick Allure/La Crosse) and visited Big B Comics in Hamilton on Upper James St. We spent a good hour or so in the small shop, sweating from the mingled body heat and nerd steam. I’d smirk every once in a while as I passed titles that brought back memories, shook my head at how far some of DC’s most iconic characters have fallen in pursuit of an audience and even stared in amazement at some of the work being offered today by some of this generation’s most talented creators. In the end I checked out with the aforementioned Fable Trade Paperback, a retro style Buck Rogers issue reprint, an Overstreet promo book and an issue of a title called The Invincibles. The latter three being free comics.

Even though I’ve been meaning to read more Fables (I’ve given up on trying to catch up, I’ll just read the one shots), I walked away with more than a handful of comic books, I walked away with the overwhelming feeling of relief. The feeling that things will be okay. You see, while at Big B, there were a few curious customers who have never been in a comic book store before, some kids who most likely lived in the neighborhood and one or two confused grandparents looking for something to get their grandkids while they were visiting town. The majority of the people in the shop; however, were regulars. The store was absolutely packed. It was wall to wall nerds, and seeing them there meant that this crowd was a concentration of all the customers the shop saw throughout the week. These regulars were here everyday of the week at different times of the day. The thought of Big B always being moderate busy gave me a feeling of hope for the industry. We may never see the same volume of readers as we did back in the 60s and 70s and almost definitely never the unprecedented readership comic books saw in the 90s, but as long as we have days like Free Comic Book Day that show how the industry cares about its audience, we may well see comic books survive with a moderate and steady stream of audiences for generations to come. So, don’t count your favorite prints down and out yet.

It brings a little joy to my life to think of PPC being one those classics that people thumb though at Free Comic Book Day for generations to come.

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» Again!

March 18, 2015 | Posted by: Lucky

We all thought it was gone. We thought it went into hiding for yet another year, allowing us the opportunity to feel the sun on our faces and smell the thaw of melting snow as the sound of cool waters trickling from one elevation to the next sliced the ice underneath it. That’s what we get for underestimating the persistence of Winter. Like the death rattle of a tough old veteran, Winter is hitting us with one last week of sub zero temperatures to keep us on our toes.

Speaking of staying on our toes, we’re all still hard at work with the comics, but I have discovered that we’ll have to prioritize the work to get anything done. From now on, blog updates will be somewhat erratic. We will try to put up as many shorts on the site as possible throughout the year, but monthly may be asking a bit much. The best thing for y’all to do is follow us on Twitter or Facebook to see when updates go up. See those buttons on the left side of the site? Click ’em and you can be notified ASAP when an update is made to the site, because I know all of you are hitting that refresh button on your Netscape Navigators and eating up Bandwidth on your AOL account anticipating my next line of prose or Peter’s next frame of art.

For now, try to keep warm, we’ll be complaining about the Summer in no time.

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» Melt!

March 5, 2015 | Posted by: Lucky

I know all of you are itching for Spring to start. It’s a new beginning, a time to take stock of what lies ahead of us in the year. For us, that’s another Con or a few, writing, spring boarding and more books published. Finding time for all of this in the midst of other things has become difficult for us here at Fancy Tuna. Peter is in full swing with late nights at the office in his day job, My keyboard is about to fall apart from all the writing from mine and Britt is starting up a new day job where her keyboard will beg for cessation.

I know it all seems like a poor excuse for those looking for volume 3 of PPC, or the next page of Maddy McGee P.I., or looking to where our new project is going to take us, but you all have to be patient. Fancy Tuna Comics is VERY small, and is a labor of love. Until we have enough readers to pay for all of this (as I spin around my bachelor apartment in a flourish to show off it’s grandeur) the three of us have to pay for all of these projects out of pocket and need the jobs we work.

So, until new stuff gets off the ground and is properly funded, please be patient. Thanks for understanding!

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» Weather!

February 18, 2015 | Posted by: Lucky

Looking outside, it seems that father winter has once again blessed us with a blustery and snowy season. The snow gently falls and the wind chills us to the bone. As cold as it gets though, there are couple things to remember. Th Winter will end eventually, it’s always warmer inside with friends and family and Fancy Tuna is hard at work to bring you quality sequential art based entertainment. So cheer up, everyone.

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