» Tree!

November 26, 2014 | Posted by: Lucky


Oh Tannenbaum!

Peter and I were putting up and decorating the Christmas tree the other day, and it occurred to me; The year is almost over. 2014 just whizzed by. A lot has happened since the previous year and a lot has changed since the beginning of the year. Peter has found gainful employment at a design firm as I have found a new job in market research, Fancy Tuna was unable to be at as many conventions as it was fist hoped in 2013, but we haven’t given up on that for 2015. We’ll try even harder to make more conventions than the past year. We realize Perfume and Primer Caps and Maddy McGee still have a ways to go until it’s fully recognized by the comic fans and convention goers. Next week we’ll be posting a special Fragrant Fragment for Christmas and that should wrap up the year as we take time off for the Holidays.

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» Snow!

November 20, 2014 | Posted by: Lucky

Okay, I’m going to be frank. Day jobs are suffocatingly busy, script work is under way and production of a new project is taking off. Not to mention that Christmas is coming up and the winter weather has made everyday chores feel like epic quests. So that’s as much update as I can afford. Im terribly sorry, but at least you know things are getting done. For now, enjoy this copyright free picture of a rose in snow.

snow rose

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» Crap!

November 6, 2014 | Posted by: Lucky

So sorry about this. I know, these posts seem to hit later and later. It’s a good sign though, trust me. It means we’re hard at work. I’m pumping out pages of the script rewrite (I wasn’t satisfied at all with what the original script was turing out to be), Peter and I are working hard on a new project that we’ll debut a new site for on the network and there’s a strip planned for next week to make up for the missing one this week. In other news, I’ve decided to scale down furniture and create a “rolling office” One I can carry with me and simply use additional surfaces for smaller things like my cell or portable printer. This was spurred on by the explosion of my desk and the additional space in my office created by its absence. So, hopefully this late of an entry doesn’t spoil everyone for the updates and soapbox speeches. Until Tuesday, everyone!


My version of a rolling office

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» Motherf—–!

October 29, 2014 | Posted by: Lucky

Okay, I realize the post is late, once again. I’ve had an interesting week. I’m in the midst of a rewrite for volume 3, Peter and I will resume production meetings this week to get production going. The biggest news? My work desk exploded. Yeah, that’s right. My glass desk from IKEA literally be up. It was a startling experience at 2:30 in the morning. It sounded like a gunshot in the dark (poetically). My desk had a few knick knacks and my computer on it. The computer was damaged and I’m typing on a brand new MacBook Pro that replaced it. I’m going to miss the old girl, I had that MacBoo since November 2007. I was hoping IKEA was going to help me out, seeing as it was a poor product design that led to this. There were no warnings or disclaimers that the glass they use can explode well after initial damage occurs. It just… happened. Instead IKEA is stating that since there is no way to tell if the damage to my computer was caused by the incident or not, they won’t cover the damages. So, after thousands of dollars, IKEA is gracious enough to offer me a $169 store credit towards a new desk. Great job, IKEA. I’ll be buying my furniture from Ashley’s from now on.


What I woke up to at 2:30am on Thursday

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» Hallo-weeeeee!

October 22, 2014 | Posted by: Lucky

The day is almost upon us when we can all dress like fools and not be confined to a convention center or hotel conference room. I haven’t dressed up for Halloween since I was fifteen years old, even then my costume was nothing more than a generic wizard. That was even before wizards were cool, before Harry Potter and Gandalf made silver screen appearances (making me a hipster wizard). I still like seeing people in costume though. It’s fantastic to see my fellow nerds on Halloween, because in a race to make something better than their typical cosplay faire, nerds tend to go all out on Halloween.

It’s like a parade of geekdom when nerds find that special costume for Halloween. Out goes the cross-playing (as imaginative as it is to see Ghost Busting Pikachu, we’re all getting a little tired of guessing what everyone is at conventions), gender bending is no longer reserved for “that kind of cosplayer” and the costumes reserved for Halloween take months to prepare and make (in most cases).

So, fellow geeks and nerds please rejoice. Halloween is a day we can all shine and show the world that our hobbies and past times (be them reading comic books, playing video games or watching anime) aren’t a complete waste of time… at least for one day.

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