March 18, 2015 | Posted by: Lucky

We all thought it was gone. We thought it went into hiding for yet another year, allowing us the opportunity to feel the sun on our faces and smell the thaw of melting snow as the sound of cool waters trickling from one elevation to the next sliced the ice underneath it. That’s what we get for underestimating the persistence of Winter. Like the death rattle of a tough old veteran, Winter is hitting us with one last week of sub zero temperatures to keep us on our toes.

Speaking of staying on our toes, we’re all still hard at work with the comics, but I have discovered that we’ll have to prioritize the work to get anything done. From now on, blog updates will be somewhat erratic. We will try to put up as many shorts on the site as possible throughout the year, but monthly may be asking a bit much. The best thing for y’all to do is follow us on Twitter or Facebook to see when updates go up. See those buttons on the left side of the site? Click ’em and you can be notified ASAP when an update is made to the site, because I know all of you are hitting that refresh button on your Netscape Navigators and eating up Bandwidth on your AOL account anticipating my next line of prose or Peter’s next frame of art.

For now, try to keep warm, we’ll be complaining about the Summer in no time.