March 5, 2015 | Posted by: Lucky

I know all of you are itching for Spring to start. It’s a new beginning, a time to take stock of what lies ahead of us in the year. For us, that’s another Con or a few, writing, spring boarding and more books published. Finding time for all of this in the midst of other things has become difficult for us here at Fancy Tuna. Peter is in full swing with late nights at the office in his day job, My keyboard is about to fall apart from all the writing from mine and Britt is starting up a new day job where her keyboard will beg for cessation.

I know it all seems like a poor excuse for those looking for volume 3 of PPC, or the next page of Maddy McGee P.I., or looking to where our new project is going to take us, but you all have to be patient. Fancy Tuna Comics is VERY small, and is a labor of love. Until we have enough readers to pay for all of this (as I spin around my bachelor apartment in a flourish to show off it’s grandeur) the three of us have to pay for all of these projects out of pocket and need the jobs we work.

So, until new stuff gets off the ground and is properly funded, please be patient. Thanks for understanding!