November 26, 2014 | Posted by: Lucky


Oh Tannenbaum!

Peter and I were putting up and decorating the Christmas tree the other day, and it occurred to me; The year is almost over. 2014 just whizzed by. A lot has happened since the previous year and a lot has changed since the beginning of the year. Peter has found gainful employment at a design firm as I have found a new job in market research, Fancy Tuna was unable to be at as many conventions as it was fist hoped in 2013, but we haven’t given up on that for 2015. We’ll try even harder to make more conventions than the past year. We realize Perfume and Primer Caps and Maddy McGee still have a ways to go until it’s fully recognized by the comic fans and convention goers. Next week we’ll be posting a special Fragrant Fragment for Christmas and that should wrap up the year as we take time off for the Holidays.