November 6, 2014 | Posted by: Lucky

So sorry about this. I know, these posts seem to hit later and later. It’s a good sign though, trust me. It means we’re hard at work. I’m pumping out pages of the script rewrite (I wasn’t satisfied at all with what the original script was turing out to be), Peter and I are working hard on a new project that we’ll debut a new site for on the network and there’s a strip planned for next week to make up for the missing one this week. In other news, I’ve decided to scale down furniture and create a “rolling office” One I can carry with me and simply use additional surfaces for smaller things like my cell or portable printer. This was spurred on by the explosion of my desk and the additional space in my office created by its absence. So, hopefully this late of an entry doesn’t spoil everyone for the updates and soapbox speeches. Until Tuesday, everyone!


My version of a rolling office