Panic at the Banquet Hall

July 4, 2014 | Posted by: Peter
MADDY McGEE, P.I. Updates

Fancy Tuna Comics will be at ConBravo! (Hamilton, ON, Canada) from Friday, July 18th to Sunday, July 20th. (Artist Alley table #D04)

Case 20-001 is finally closed! Before we get to the next caper, we’ve got another Big Sleep Guestravaganza starting next week with three special guest-art submissions, followed by a short break until August. But before we do that, let me share some behind-the-scenes stuff about the next case!

“There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought Of It Yet” by Panic! At The Disco (2005)

Now it’s time for the story to get a bit more flashy. Again, Britt is at the writing helm while I serve as “backseat writer” (and we’ll be swapping these seats from time to time in future chapters too, so be ready for that).

When Britt suggested this case title and initial concept, she was afraid that I wouldn’t like it. Fortunately for her, I liked A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, so we had no major problems there. That said, in the back of my mind, I thought something was still missing for our inspiration playlist. Something with a bit more class and a bit less percussion.

Weeks later, I found out about the Vitamin String Quartet.

“There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey” by Vitamin String Quartet (2007)

I linked Britt to this song as soon as I found it. We both agreed that this was the kind of tune we needed playing in our minds. The original song helped in giving us a base idea, but it was this cover that inspired the mood we wanted to create in the setting: simple, mysterious, and rich without being as busy. Less “theatre rock,” and more…”a small string section that Jet would insist on having at the show because they would do requests.”

…Jet’s possibly a Millennial, in case you couldn’t tell.

This chapter’s probably going to read a lot quicker than the previous ones—likely because it’ll be half the size as one of the previous ones—but I think you guys’ll have a blast reading it.

Oh! And of course, a happy 4th of July to our U.S. neighbours! We hope you’re all doing well!

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