April 29, 2014 | Posted by: Lucky

On Sunday, Peter and I had a production meeting (later than our usual Saturday meetings). In that meeting Peter showed me the last page of Perfume and Primer Caps Volume 2. He also sent me all of the pages in bulk so that I could read the whole book in its entirety and make my last revisions. Other topics of that meeting were: How many copies of volume 1 we needed to replenish the stock, how many copies of volume 2 we should print and other such issues. A lot of the stuff after reviewing the last page are boring details, the exciting part is that besides minute revisions, that most people wouldn’t even notice if we showed them, the book is in the bag. Volume 2 is finally ready for print and will probably be off the presses by late may to early June.

Yes, we realize there’s an entire volume left before the story is complete, and yes I realize it’d probably take another year before the trilogy sees a conclusion, but the important part is that we are one enormous step closer to the end as it were. We hope you all enjoy the upcoming volume and buy the first book, available in the store, catch up. Until the release; However, we’re just happy to be done another volume.