End of one era, beginning of another…

January 23, 2014 | Posted by: Britt

No, this is not the story of how I’m leaving Maddy for other things. You’re not getting rid of me that easily. First off, Sometime Around Midnight is entering the home stretch and Peter and I are hoping it’ll be done at a time which is soon (I can’t tell you when we HOPE it’ll be done because Peter would probably murder me). We’re working out the logistics of getting that for sale on the site shortly afterwards, details will be forthcoming. Once SAM (as we fondly refer to the incredibly long title) is finished, we’ll be launching into the next chapter of Maddy, and we hope you’ll hang around to see what else we’ve got.

As a short spoiler, you get this synopsis of the next Maddy story, “There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered” (yeah I know it’s long but shut up I like it). Also, this synopsis contains potential (maybe?) spoilers for  SAM, so if you want zero spoilers, skim over this part.


First case down, now to number two. When Maddy and the gang are invited to a special event hosted by Doctor and Doctor Sun, it isn’t long before things go awry. The skills of the crew are demanded, and Maddy finds herself trapped in a room with her two best friends, innocent civilians, a neurotic insurance agent, a mad scientist, another cyborg, and the criminal.


And with all that news comes some more news. This is more specifically me-news and not Maddy-news and kind of Peter-news. I am having one of my short stories developed into a short film, titled “Subject One”. While I’ve had limited involvement in the filming/production, I have been around the set, met the actors, the director, and the producers, so I’m incredibly excited about the whole project. More details will be forthcoming, but for some up-to-date news, you can check out the facebook page here:



And the short story itself? While I’ve been in a few talks with publishers it hasn’t really panned out, so I’ve had a chat with Peter and I’ll be releasing the story as a self-published work, hopefully around the end of this month, or beginning of next month (have you noticed I suck at time-lines?). Peter will once again be collaborating with me, as he’s agreed to do the cover/jacket for the book, so your favourite team (we’d better be your favourite team) will be back in action and ready to party!

We’ll do a preview of the jacket and a summary of the story in the not-so-distant-future (I should really just look at a calendar) so that anyone interested can have a look!

In summary, “Subject One” is a sci-fi psychological thriller that tells the tale of a broken war hero sent to Mars to repair her reputation. It’s a horror story, so stuff doesn’t go very well.

Stick around guys, gals, and everyone in between, because we’ve got some wild rides ahead!

All my love,