Back in, but keeping a pace.

March 15, 2019 | Posted by: Peter
MADDY McGEE, P.I. Updates

Hey folks! Peter here. I’ll keep this short.

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been updating pages again.  But at the same time, we’ll be going for a somewhat lax update schedule, about a page every 2 weeks, give or take. Our lives are doing well but with other parts still high in priority. At the same time we missed this comic, and we realized we left some of you at a pretty dull cliffhanger some pages ago.

So we’re back. Mystery needs to be solved.

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A new look for a new year!

March 18, 2017 | Posted by: Peter

Welcome everyone to the new look of Fancy Tuna Comics!

I figured it was about time to update the site, so I decided to change things up and have things a little more mobile-friendly with the design. As you can probably tell though, some things are still under work, but all that will be remedied and filled in due time.

For now, we all hope you enjoy our new home!

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Fancy Tuna Comic Special!

August 25, 2015 | Posted by: Peter


This has happened to us before, we tend to get fairly busy and the house is so big we sometimes forget we both live in it.

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August 4, 2015 | Posted by: Lucky

I know, it’s a pretty lousy update blog if it’s literally been over two months since the last update, but we’ll make up for it. It’s just been busy at Fancy Tuna. Peter’s been on the wrong side of tired with long hours at the office, Brit’s in full swing with her new position and things have been crazy stupid with where I’m working lately. The plus side is that all this time at work has provided Peter and I a new found appreciation for Cons and the respite they offer, despite the hard work that goes behind them.

This last ConBravo that took place a couple of weeks ago is a fine example. As always, ConBravo was a success. Peter and I worked hard everyday. We monitored our station, mingled with the fans and sold books like madmen. Even though it was hard work, we loved every minute of it. It took me a few days after it was all over to realize why. As much as Peter, Brit and myself enjoy our day jobs, we genuinely love building Fancy Tuna. We enjoy creating something that is all ours and giving it away as a gift (at set prices for our merchandise, some of which can found in our store). No matter the sibling rivalries between the creators of PPC or the creative differences between the dynamic duo behind Maddy McGee, or the age and cultural differences between all three of the founding members of Fancy Tuna Comics, we all have one defining trait in common; We all thrive on being able to create. Our combined talents, perception and desire to make something out of nothing bring us together and create a team almost as powerful as the Avengers… Okay maybe not quite, but we all live in a mansion in Queens just like them (that’s a lie too).

Fancy Tuna has made it a point to attend more conventions in 2016. We plan on making a triumphant return to Fan Expo come August 2016, we’re also applying to MagFest, Anime North, TCAF and Toronto Wizard Comic Con and as always, our home convention, ConBravo. I know we’ve said this in the past, but seeing how much we enjoy the cons, it’s a sure bet we’ll be appearing at more than one con come 2016. Besides, the more we attend, the more likely we’ll pull The elusive Brit Baker out into the wild… (She’s also a regular con-goer at Comic Con Prime in San Diego, so it’s hard to get her to wake up post prime)

Until next time and hopefully it’ll be a lot shorter than two months until our next update!

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Sitting in a Tin Can

May 5, 2015 | Posted by: Peter
MADDY McGEE, P.I. Updates

Hey, folks! It’s been…a while.

Both Britt and I want to apologize for the long unannounced hiatus. It seems that life hit us pretty hard, now that we have full-time adult work. On the positive side, we’re both individually getting a steady source of income. But now, I feel like we’ve found the determination to get back into the swing of things and continue with some updates!

So. Hopefully, we can keep some form of consistency and bring you more story with Maddy and the gang. All we can do is try!

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